Liberty-White Depot - Holmesville to Summit
Tree Trimming
The first quarter mile took almost two hours because of the heavy tree cover.
Chain Saw Symphony
At times there were three chin saws going at the same time setting the depot free.
Goodbye Holmesville
The depot passes by the side of Holmesville Baptist Church.
Long Trip
Many curves, several bridges, and countless overhead lines along 17 mile route.
Last Look at Empty Lot
"Pop Pop" Feldman and Henry Gibbes take one last gander at the empty space where the depot will soon rest.
Everybody Came to See
Some might say Summit is going to the dogs, but even Zoie came out to welcome the depot.
Lining Up
Once the depot pulled in it was time to line up the buildings to each other and parallel to the track.
Back to Work
Volunteers Lance Cowart and Bill Lewman unload new sills donated by Wallace Lumber for use in the project.
The Liberty-White Depot Project is a Community Project
  • Principle #1: Everybody can do something, maybe it's cleaning brick, maybe it's bringing ice water -- but everybody can do something.
  • Principle #2: Your trash is probably our treasure -- here old tin, old brick, old beadboard, old cypress siding and probably much more are coveted items.
  • Principle #3: We do not have the money in the bank -- we are going to have to scrimp and scavenge and do a lot with volunteer help so pitch in.
  • Principle #4: People who work side by side make better neighbors and form lasting relationships -- this project can do wonders for this community.
  • Principle #5: We don't have all the answers -- you do -- we just have a shared dream and common goal of a restored Depot and Museum for Summit.
  • Principle #6: All Aboard is more than a slogan -- we want you to join in and share the experience. Click the link get on board now.