What began as a museum, a place for Summitonians to bring family treasures and mementoes from the past to be viewed and shared with visitors to the Sesquicentennial, quickly turned into "reunion place". For three days it was the gathering place for people from hither and yon, who had not seen each other for many years. As much as they enjoyed viewing the memorabilia, visitors enjoyed catching up on old times as well.
Society member Gene Butler voltunteered to take on the task of setting up the Memorabilia Center along with Ann Jackson and a group of other volunteers. Society members David and Delores Feldman offered s torefront for use as the Memorabila Center and the outcome was astounding.
The Campbell family, shown here in period costume, were frequent visitors to the Center and contributed several historic items to the display as well. By Friday and Saturday it was difficult to get in the door, the traffic had become so heavy. It was definitely a preview of what things might be like if Summit actually had a Museum in which to permanently house historic artifacts.
When we started we didn't know if we would get enough participation, and by the final weekend we couldn't get them out of there to lock the doors at night.
Gene Butler              
Memorabilia Center
The call went out, in the press and by word of mouth, for people to bring items by for a memorabilia center. Items ranged from pictures to diplomas, cooking utensils to farming implements, arrowheads to pistols. There was a pretty good assortment of period clothing apparel, various printed matter, newspaper clippings and scrapbooks. There was some small furniture and household furnishings on display. Almost all of the items were picked up at the close of the Sesquicentennial. Some of the visitors to the Center never viewed the items because they got caught up visiting with other visitors, but then that is really what it was all about anyway. The volunteers who organized it did an excellent job and the response was nothing short of extraordinary. If you would like to view additional Photos of the Memorabilia Center click here.