Liberty-White Depot Museum, Summit  Projects to Improve Summit's Future  Preservation & Renewal
The Summit Historical Society is pleased to announce partial completion of the rehabilitation of the Liberty-White Depot, once located in Holmesvile, MS, and donated to the Society by Mrs. Sue White and members of the Neville family. The Depot is now a core community gathering site for Summit and its citizens, available as a treasured community resource for other organizations such as the Summit Chamber of Commerce. It is also a repository for historical artifacts as well as a venue for cultural programs. Click on this Depot link for additional information on the project. At its core, Summit is an old rail town that in many ways time and industry have passed by. But things do not have to remain that way -- Summit's rail corridor has been targeted for a facelift in the form of a million dollar GoZone Downtown Revitalization Grant. What does that have to do with history or the Society? A lot -- for one thing members of the Society were instrumental in assisting the Town in landing the grant. For another thing, harmonizing new development with robust preservation efforts is good for our economy and our culture. Take a look at our impressive Projects pages and you will see the results of our efforts to date. The Summit Historical Society was formed to take a leadership role and to be proactive in the preservation movement in this community. There is simply too much at stake, in the form of irreplaceable buildings and historical assets, that will be permanently erased from our landscape if we fail in this effort. If you would like to join in this effort or get more information about how you could benefit, please contact us through the webmail link or click on the Support & Resources link.
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