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Soldier, lawyer, congressman -- these are all apt adjectives to describe Thomas Stockdale, leader of Stockdale's Cavalry in the Confederate Army. He was a transplant to Pike County from Pennsylvania, graduating from Jefferson College near Canonsburg in 1856. Stockdale came south to Pike County and graduated from Ole Miss in 1859; he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1859. The Stockdale House in Summit was built in 1870; it has only been in the hands of two families other than the Stockdale family: the Rutledges and the Lewman family. Dan Lewman, Sr. (shown accepting a portrait of Stockdale in the photo above) owned the house along with his wife Betty; together they spent some thirty-plus years restoring various rooms in the house and doing work on the exterior before selling the property to their son Dan Jr. and his wife Lisa, who now live in it with their three children. A dedication ceremony was held in May of 2007 on the grounds of the Stockdale house when a large granite monument was unveiled commemorating the life of Col. Stockdale. The ceremony was conducted by the Sons of the Confederacy along with the Daughters of the Confederacy; as Stockdale was also a third degree Mason, the local Masonic Lodge also particpated in the ceremony. These photos were taken the day of the dedication.
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