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The history of Summit is inextricably linked to the history of the railroad -- prior to the railroad, the seat of government and commerce in Pike County was Holmesville, in the easternmost part of the county. The Historical Society has compiled and is publishing a comprehensive history of Summit, including information on business and banking, early settlers and the Civil War, education, churches, civic clubs, government and family histories. This 400-plus page book includes coverage of the Centennial in 1958 as well as Sesquicentennial coverage and features many photos both old and new. You want to order your copy of this book now -- due to the expense of publication it must be pre-paid. The cost for members is $50; $75 for non-members, plus $7.50 S&H. Local artist Hudora Cain Lewman painted a series of twelve watercolors depicting scenes of historic buildings and scenes from the Summit of yesterday, most of which are now but a distant memory. The name of the series is "Gone But Not Forgotten" and it has been used to produce a  calendar as well as high quality note cards. Each note card features a brief history on the back of the card of the scene depicted on the front panel. These note cards make wonderful gifts and keepsakes for the Sesquicentennial. They come packaged six to a set and cost $15 per set; calendars are  $18each and both can be ordered from the Historical Society. Please include $2.50 S&H. The Summit Historical Society now has colorful cotton tee-shirts emblazoned with our name and our slogan, "Appreciation for our past... Preservation for our future." These shirts are available in a variety of sizes and colors. We also have a sturdy black canvas tote bag, silk-screened with a new collage of Summit favorite scenes. Click on the Order form link; each item is priced reasonably at $15.00. Please include $5.00 per order S&H. Send your completed form along with payment to Summit Historical Society, P.O. Box 177, Summit, MS  39666.

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